Spark Bloomfield FAQ

Q. What is your pet policy? 

  • We cherish the joy and companionship pets bring into our lives. That’s why we welcome your furry family members with open arms! Whether basking in the morning light or stretching out for a peaceful evening, your beloved pets will find a cozy haven in our apartments. Our pet policy allows up to two pets per residence, ensuring they have ample space to romp and play. A one-time fee of $450 is required at move-in, a small investment for the boundless happiness they’ll experience by your side. And for a mere $45 per month per pet, they can live in unabashed bliss. Life is better with pets at Spark Bloomfield, where every purr and wag is part of the home you love.

Q. Can I have shelves, curtains, posters, etc.? 

  • Nestling into the comfort of Spark Bloomfield is about more than finding a space—it’s about creating a home that reflects your personality and style. Feel free to hang vibrant curtains that sway with the whispers of the morning breeze, mount shelves that tell your story with every trinket, and adorn your walls with posters that shout your dreams to the world. While you embellish your haven to your heart’s content, remember our simple mantra for decorative changes: anything beyond a “fist-sized” hole needs to be woven back into perfection, either through your craft or with a modest contribution to the security deposit. And, let not the pitter-patter of furry paws be a concern, for our doors are open to your beloved companions, ensuring that your journey at Spark Bloomfield is filled with joyous company and the freedom to express your unique essence.

Q. Can I paint my walls? 

  • The answer is a delightful “yes,” with a gentle reminder to return them to their original hue before moving out. It’s an invitation to weave your creativity into the space, a chance to splash your moods and dreams upon the blank canvas of your surroundings. Seize this opportunity to punctuate your home with shades of your essence, knowing that the only cost is the promise of restoration—a small price for the transformation that awaits. So arm yourself with brushes, choose your colors boldly, and transform your habitat into a haven of self-expression, crafting every stroke with the knowledge that this artistic liberty is yours to cherish and preserve.

Q. What does the application and leasing process look like? 

  • Securing your perfect apartment can often feel like navigating a complex maze. The application process begins with a straightforward path; you’ll complete an application online and provide a pre-payment of $500 for rent and a modest $25 screening fee. Proving your income and presenting a photo ID will be your next steps, ensuring you are the ideal candidate for this living space. A meticulous credit check will open the doors, leading to an approval letter that ushers you closer to your new home. Finally, upon receiving the inviting utility setup details and the lease patiently awaiting your signature, you cross the threshold into a realm tailored just for you. It’s a carefully choreographed dance where each precise step solidifies your claim to a space that will soon resonate with the echoes of your life and memories.

Q. Do you require renter’s insurance? 

  • While not legally mandated, renter’s insurance is an invisible shield, safeguarding your belongings against life’s unforeseen storms. It’s a silent guardian that, for a modest premium, offers peace of mind—a commodity we seldom realize the value of until chaos strikes. Moreover, securing renter’s insurance is imperative if your furry companion is to grace this new dwelling with you. Given the pet policy requiring a $300,000 minimum personal liability, renter’s insurance isn’t just recommended; it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your pet have a place to call home, come what may. So, as you take in the view from your new window, consider renter’s insurance the penultimate checkbox on your moving checklist, a testament to the adage ‘better safe than sorry.’ 

Q. How do I submit a maintenance or service request? 

  • Submitting a maintenance or service request for your beloved nook has never been more straightforward. Be it a leaky faucet, your peace of mind is just a resident portal click, a phone call, or an email away. Venture into the bespoke digital world of our resident portal— the quickest route to address your domestic quandaries, day or night. But when urgency knocks and the circumstance bellows emergency, remember, the wires of our telephonic helpline are your steadfast allies. Fast, efficient, and always attentive—our seasoned team stands ready to ensure the heartbeat of your home skips, not a single, serene thump.

Q. When/How should I set up my utilities?

  • Navigating the logistics of moving can often be daunting, but one essential step that should never be delayed is setting up your utilities. As you seal the deal with an eagerly awaited approval letter, make it a priority to transfer utilities into your name for a seamless transition into your new abode. Since flipping the switch on electric, water, and gas services may take a day or two, immediate action is key to ensuring you’re not left in the dark. So, as you unpack your life in a fresh space, do so with the peace of mind that all your modern comforts are up and running, ready to make your house a warm and welcoming home from day one.

Q. What is the average rent? 

  • Currently, the average rent at Spark Bloomfield Apartments is $2295. Whether you’re moving to the area for the first time or simply looking for an upgrade in your living situation, we may be worth considering as you shop around for the perfect new home. With various floorplans available and plenty of on-site amenities, it’s no wonder this complex has become a popular choice for many residents.

Q. Where is the nearest public transportation?

  • Just a stone’s throw away at 0.1 miles, where Bloomfield Avenue meets the charm of Hawthorne Apartments, the public transportation hub awaits to whisk you away on your urban adventures. Embrace the city’s rhythm and discover the freedom of having your transit oasis so tantalizingly close. Whether it’s for the morning commute or a spontaneous excursion, your gateway to the pulse of the metropolis is practically on your doorstep, ready to redefine your concept of convenience and connectivity.

Q. How do I pay rent?

  • Our resident portal offers a seamless, stress-free solution to make each payment from the comfort of wherever you are—your cozy couch, your favorite café, or even while lying back in the park listening to the symphony of life around you. Prefer something a bit more tactile? No problem! Stroll into our welcoming office, where you can drop off a check or money order, catch a friendly smile, and maybe even share a laugh. With us, paying rent is more than a transaction—it’s part of the fluid rhythm of an effortless lifestyle you’ve come to love and expect.